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Dress Codes

             Due to the lack of a properly written memo on dress code procedures, morale among team-members has dropped, and a writing workshop is needed to convey correct writing skills.
             The definition of dress code is an accepted or prevailing style of dress; (in later use) a set of rules or guidelines specifying the approved manner of dress at a school, place of work, social occasion, etc. (Oxford Dictionary, 2002).
             A memo was distributed to all team members on dress code. This memo was very poorly written. It has caused a drop in team member productivity, a lowering of morale and a possible loss of business due to the two items mentioned before. The memo that was distributed was very vague. The days were not specified, which caused confusion as to which days are business casual days and which day is casual day. It simply stated that business pants and shirts were acceptable on business casual days; the memo does not state what type of pants or shirts are acceptable. There is nothing in the memo regarding the wearing of sleeveless shirts. The memo does not include anything on what is appropriate attire regarding dresses and skirts. This led team-members to believe that short, short skirts and skorts-a type of shorts with a skirt front-are appropriate to wear, and when reminded about the dress code and that they are wearing is not acceptable they become irritated, or even indignant. One of the female team member who wore skorts made the statement, “The dress code does not say that this is not ok to wear.” With the team member(s) reacting this way, it has caused considerable confusion and discord in the office. Lastly, there is nothing on appropriate footwear. .
             The correct way to have written this memo was first to state the specific days for business casual attire and the day for casual attire. On business casual days, the pants should have been broken down to include what type of pants are acceptable and not acceptable.