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This paper will describe the methods and results of the experiment on "Clinical Perfectionism: a cognitive-behavioral analysis,  published in the journal of Behavior Research and Therapy. An experiment researched by Roz Shafran, Zafra Cooper, and Christopher G. Fairburn. Published by Oxford University Press, in 2002. Pages 773-787.

This experiment researches the depths of perfectionism and how it relates to anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. Perfectionism is an overdependence of self-evaluation; it also defines how someone dealing with perfectionism criticizes themselves and manages with failure. People that accomplish their goals find their target goal to be insufficient and re-evaluate their standards to a more demanding and sometimes impossible level (773). A definition is not completely clear, many clinicians argue about its exact definition, another explanation is described as a person who strains toward an impossible goal and measures their worth in accomplishments. Perfectionists have a tendency to fall into ca

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