Life Goals

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The purpose of this paper is to let you see my life's goals.

I have three goals, a Personal goal, an Academic goal, and Career goal.

My personal goal is to own my own 84-93 Ford Mustang it's not a big goal it's just

something I have really wanted ever since I was a little kid. My Academic goal is to

Graduate from college with a degree in business, I hope to have this so I can start my

own business, I want to do this because my parents are entrepreneur and I also started my

own business in high school detailing cars and I have seen how much easier it is to be

your own boss. My Career goal is to open my own garage, because I have a love for cars

and this would be the best thing for me.

When I was about 6 I saw a 1984 mustang Lx coupe on T.V. It was the Baddest looking

car I have ever seen ever since then I have been a die hard Ford man through and

through. I have posters in my house and Banners in my room. But when I turned 16 I was

not able to get a mustang my parents needed me to have a truck to help out at our store.

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