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Secret Service

             The secret service has many roles in which it has to deal with in society today. Their main responsibility is probably the stopping of illegal counterfeiting, but some other tasks which they might/do deal with vary from everything from computers, home security, and the protection of government officials and even with any type of illegal fraud and forgery of bonds, US checks and other obligations. The USSS (United States Secret Service) employs over 5,000 worldwide. The USSS responsibilities are worldwide, right now a number of the 5,000 secret service officials employed in such countries as France, England, Germany, Italy, China, Canada, Cyprus, Columbia, the Philippines and Thailand. The USSS got their start as a branch of the treasury department. Many of the USSS’s obligations include financial business, but some other obligations have nothing to do with anything financial, such as protecting the president ect. “The secret service has more than 2,100 special agents who are rotated throughout their careers between investigative and permanent protective assignments.” Many people think of the secret service only as the men/women in the suits protecting government officials, but there are actually two different types of Secret Service. One division of the Secret Service is the Uniform division, (this division deals .
             with primarily the protection of the Whitehouse and the persons inside), the other division is the Special Agent division (this division focuses mainly on protection and investigations). Many people do not understand or know the extent in which the USSS works; hopefully this paper will better help the reader understand the job of the USSS complex. 3.“Foreveryjob,therighttoolsarerequired.”TheSecretServicewasdevelopedinordertosuppresscounterfeitingoftheUScurrencywhichseemedtobegrowingataratethanwhichitwasproduce .