Caliban: Man or Monster?

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One of the greatest dilemmas in creating the role of Caliban in The Tempest is deciding on a balance between the character's manhood and bestiality. This must be carefully considered as Caliban, though not the pivotal character of the play, is certainly one of the most noticeable and individual. In addition, we are meant to find a certain amount of sympathy with the exiled Prospero, and the way we view Caliban's character affects how we let ourselves view his master.

Prospero first speaks of Caliban as "not honored with a human shape.  (i.ii.285-6) We learn that he is a beast of burden for Prospero and Miranda, performing menial chores and labor. He is referred to by many animal titles “ "beast , "freckled whelp , "puppy-headed monster  “ in order to assure us that none of the other characters find hi

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