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Importance of Books

             This is my personal experience and belief that books, like human beings, are our best companions. The only important difference that I could find between the people and the books is that people need air, water and food for their survival whereas books can survive without them. There is another very minor difference,if you can call it a difference, that people can talk while books can be read. For me its not a considerable diferrence because listenung and reading are equally good means of communication.After a long association with the books, I have realized that sometimes books are more human than the people. For example, they are more dependable than the people. (It may also be a diferrence if you can call it a diferrence.) They are always available when you need their company. They will not prefer lame excuses of their prior engagements.They also provide you the company as long as you desire. If you disagree with the books, they will neither mind it nor they will be bitter about your cricism. Even if unconciously you do something injurious to them they will not make a hue and cry like the people. The books are living with me in the ssame room for an unknown number of years. We sleep togather in the night and wake up togather in the moring since my childhood but I have no complaint against them.
             Despite all these wonderful traits of the books. we can not ignore or disregard the importance of the people as companions. We are social animals.( We are people,by the people ,for the people.) We need people around.Grand parents, parents, siblings, freind,companions etc.etc. We need the people in the neighborhood because we can not live in the world alone. The most important factor of production is the people which is technically known as manpower. The factories are run by the people. The malls and shopping strips in the neighborhoodare there because of the people and for the people. If people were not there, the world would have been an

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