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A Look At Creation, From the View Point Of Islamic Philosophy

"Whose existence is necessary does not have a cause, while that whose existence is

possible is caused." The preceding was a statement by the very famous Persian

Philosopher and Physician Ibn Sina (d.1037A.D) or known to the west as Avicenna, which was

taken from his first Treatise out of the book of Healing (Shifa). The subject of the existence of a

creator or God, could be categorized as the most controversial and ongoing debate on the

matter of creation. It has, for the most part of human civilization, occupied the minds and lives of

many serious Philosophers and thinkers. Does really and Agent, Determinant, or ultimately a

Creator exist from (or by) whom we all have been came into being? or on the contrary, is all the

world and cosmic that all living and non-living creatures and matters exist within it, happened by

Although many religions and schools of thought have been in constant contradiction with

scientific theories over the above question, one can only say that neither of the two sides has

completely been able to totally dismiss the other. Though after centuries of development in

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