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A movie

             This first scene of the movie starts with a Meduim Close-up(MCU) of a board which says "kruger National Park Hiking trails", and in the background you see tourists in bright clothes.
             After this the camera view changes to a closed frame of the tourists gathering around the guide with all their equipment,.
             eagerly listheing to the instrucions and do's and don'ts the guide tells them about. Still in this same camera angle/view the whole group turns away from the camera and .
             disappears into the bush/veld on the hiking trail.(.
             Scene 2.
             This scene starts with a Point of View(P.O.V), low angle shot of the group as they emerge from bush/dense vegetation. Through this entire scene there are two specific tourists who keeps.
             on talking and making noise. The guide tells them continually that they must please keep quiet because they are scaring the game away. Still in this P.O.V low angle it is seen how one.
             of the tourists back chats the guide. The guide now cracks and shoots the tourist, but realising that he has killed someone and there is eyewitnesses he kills everybode to ellliminate any witnesses/proof/evidence against him.
             Scene 3.
             An illegal immigrant "appears" in one of the park's rest camps and tells the staff there the whole story of him "immigrating" through the park and hearing people approaching. He then hid in bush vegetation to hide from them and.
             watch them. He tells about the guide who became so angry that he shot all the tourists.(this whole scene the camera "tracks" behind the immigrant).
             Scene 4.
             In this scene the park sends out a few guides , osme of them from the Anti-poaching unit, and also some staff to construct a base camp from which the search party could operate. It is shown how the camp is build and prepared. THere is a lot of close-ups of the search party and aslo of their.
             equipment to emphasize the danger they might be putting themselves in and of their determination to find the bodies and the guide.