how I met my husband

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In the short story "How I Met my Husband  the author Alice Munro introduces the Character Edie as a fifteen years old girl who is intrigued by the sweet-talking, handsome, pilot Chris Watters. Actually the story is told as a memory when she is old and a married woman. She is a hired girl for Peebles family that lives in the country. She seems superiority around Mrs. Peebles who feels tired of being a wife and a mother. Edie believes she has everything figured out until she meets Chris Watters, a sweet talking attractive pilot. She acts naive in the sense of love. In this short story Munro uses some suspense to guide the reader into the theme and surprise ending.

At the beginning of the story, Munro uses suspense when Edie is dressed in Mrs. Peebles dress and Chris Watters Suddenly appears at the screen door in the kitchen and asks to use the pump for water. "I turned from putting the ice tray back and saw a man watching me through the screen. It was the luckiest thing in the world I didn't spill the ginger ale down the front of me and there.  (86). Munro shows the suspense in this scene by Edie was scare when she heard someone at the door. She is wearing a dress which is owne

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