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Music Review

             The CD called Stripped by Christina Aguilera is the best Album that she has done so far in her singing career. Christina has gone from a pop-icon to a soulful R&B singer. Throughout the CD you will hear a variety of music ranging from soul to hip-hop to rock and pretty much everything in-between. Christina shows her true talent. Her voice on this album grows richer in each song. She definitely can out-do Whitney Houston.
             Christina is not another Britney Spears. A lot of critics like to compare Christina to Britney. Christina's voice clearly is more mature and powerful then Britney Spears. Also like most performers she sings her songs live which brings out her true talent. Britney on the other hand in my opinion does not impress me at all. Her lyrics are not as personal. Britney does not allow her fans to get up close and personal with her like Christina does.
             When Christina first released the album Stripped, her first single introduced was a song called "Dirrty  which misrepresented the rest of her CD. I will have to admit that the song "Dirrty  is not a favorite song of mine. In fact that is the only song that I never play. The rest of her songs like "Beautiful  stand out extremely well. Her vocals remind me of Alicia Keys, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey.
             Christina Aguilera is more grown up and secure with her appearance and most important her voice. This CD is more personal and in touch with Christina. Including her rocky past. She focuses on her abusive father and failed relationships. On track number 19 called "I'm Ok  she tells about her father. The whole song is personal and clearly states her true inner feelings towards her father. She sings about the abuse and how her father hurt Christina and her mother. " Bruises fade father but the pain remains the same and I still remember how you kept me so afraid / Strength is my mother for

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