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Original Hometown

            HSS 099 Dong Wook Won.
             SSN: 139-94-4635 .
             My Hometown .
             It’s hard for me to tell where my hometown is because I lived in many different places in my life. My definition of hometown is a place where I cherished good memories and spend most of my lifetime. That would be Edison, New Jersey. I moved to Edison when I was 10 and lived there ever since. Although Edison may seem boring, all the good times I had was there. I also met all my friends in Edison and got good education here. Although Edison is a town, people divide Edison into North and South because of different schools. .
             Edison is in Central Jersey and it’s a place where you can’t go anywhere without a car. Its 10 min drive to New Brunswick where Rutgers University is located and 40 min drive to New York City. Edison is busy in morning and afternoon but gets quite in nighttime. Lots of people have jobs in New York City so there are lots of traffics in morning and trains are always crowded. Edison is not really a fun place to live so people usually go to New Brunswick or New York City to have fun. Only way to have fun in Edison is to go to the Movie Theater, mall, or restaurants. Besides that, there’s nothing else to do. There are also lots of parks so I think Edison is more of a comfortable town to live than having fun. .
             South Edison, where I live, consists mostly of average families. But the good thing about South Edison is that you can have more fun. There’s much more places to go in South Edison such as restaurants, mall, bowling alley, etc. In my opinion, South Edison is more convenient than north because it has a train station and more buses. There are four elementary schools, two middle schools and a high school named Edison High. Buildings in South Edison are usually old but lots of buildings are built every year.