A Business Plan

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The following business plan has been formulated to obtain $200,000 in capital to establish a coffeehouse on the campus of Doane College named The Orange Cup. This plan will also serve as a formal outline for the first five year's of operation. The financial forecasts show that this investment has significant promise for the future.

The Orange Cup will provide for the Doane College Community a comfortable atmosphere while serving quality coffee at an affordable price with exceptional service. A wide variety of coffee products including, gourmet coffees, latte, cappuccino, espresso, and iced coffee, will be available at The Orange Cup. In addition, The Orange Cup will offer juice, pop, and bottled water, hot cocoa, hot cider, and tea.

The marking strategy for The Orange Cup is to attract students and faculty to the coffeehouse to endure in a relaxed atmosphere, or for those customers with hectic schedules, the convenience of our products.

The following tables represent sales forecasts and projected profit (loss) figures. For the first year of operation, The Orange Cup has p

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