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A Successful Life

             Temple Grandin has a disorder known as autism. What this means is that words are translated into pictures in her mind. This disorder has made life into a struggle for her because she is not able to understand words very easily. Words are like that of a second language to her. That is why I find it incredible that she has written such an awesome book. Thinking in Pictures, her third book, is about her life, and the hardships and joys that she has encountered because of autism. I have come to the conclusion that Dr. Grandin must be a very dedicated person from what I have read. .
             The specific topic of this book is what the life of an autistic person is like. She really seems to tell her life story in this book. She helps the reader visualize her life and the struggles that were in it. She might not call them struggles though. I believe that to her autism was just an obstacle in life and she seems to have went right around it. I think that the reason she wrote her book was to help people better understand what an autistic person has to deal with. She has found a way to get around her problems unlike many other people with this disorder, so I believe she is kind of speaking for all the people with autism in the world. What I mean by this is that some autistic people are not able to explain themselves due to their disorder, and her book does this for them. For me, it was obvious that Dr. Grandin was writing this book to people who do not have this disorder. This was so obvious because she is constantly repeating what it is like to be autistic. She knows that it is not easy for language-based thinkers to comprehend an autistic and she even states this in the first paragraph of the book. It is also my belief that this book is written for other people who have autism. I think that she wrote it to encourage them and help them realize that they can get past most of the trials and tribulations of a life with autism.