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How to save Money on Everyday Things

             How to Save Money on Everyday Things
             Many people talk about wanting to save money everywhere you go, but not many actually look for ways to save their money. In my research I ran across an article that talks about saving money on some of the things that we use everyday. In this report they say, "There are little ways to save everywhere. It may not seem like a lot, but it adds up  (The Annual Report: 25). They tell you how to save money at ATM's, drinking water, buying a newspaper, and making a phone call.
             When you are using an ATM you have to pay a fee ranging from one dollar and fifty cents to two dollars in cost, and sometimes your bank will charge you extra for not using there ATM. To start saving money on your ATM usage, you can figure out how much money, you usually can spend in a week. Withdrawal that money from your banks ATM, and spend your money wisely. This process can save you anywhere from four dollars and fifty cents to twelve dollars a week, and roughly can save you two hundred thirty-four dollars to six hundred and twenty-four dollars in a yearly calculation. That's a lot of money if you add it up and it can vary on how much you use your ATM.
             When you're drinking a lot of water you may be interested in these calculations. You can buy a water bottle, which has a built in filter for seven dollars. Get your water out of the sink or out of the water fountain and your weekly savings will amaze you. You can save twenty-one dollars a week, averaged off of thirty-two ounces a day, for seven days. Every three months you have to buy a replacement filter for three dollars and fifty cents, but you will have an amazing one thousand seventy-eight dollars a year in drinking water. I have one question for you, are you smiling yet? If not, here's more that's sure to get you smiling.
             If you read newspapers daily, and you buy them at the grocery store for fifty cents a copy, you

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