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· The Osprey is usually 21-24  in length. It's wingspan is usually 4'6 -6'. It has a brown back and white belly. The Osprey's head is white with a dark line through the eye and on the side of the face. It is found near lakes, rivers and seacoasts.

· The osprey was observed on a bird watching trip on September 22, 2001, between the times of 10:00 am and 10:30 pm. Mr. Russell Kovach, as well as myself saw the bird resting on power lines over the water on the lower side of the Conowingo Dam

1. Known as the "Fish Hawk 

2. Often misidentified, because at a distance the Osprey resembles a gull.

3. Once a fish is sighted, the osprey dives steeply and sometimes completely underwater to make a catch.

4. If an osprey makes a catch, it always adjusts the fish in its talons, so that the head of the fish faces forward.

5. Population declined drastically because of pesticides used in the ˜50's and ˜60's, but has since made a remarkable recovery

· The Cedar Waxwing is usually 6 ½-8  in length. The cedar waxwing is a sleek, crested, brown bird.

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