Bob Marley

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"Every man has the right to his own destiny  , are the words that Bob Marley led his life by. As a hero in the third world as well as the musical sphere, Marley became a mythical figure that was devoted to spread his message of " One World . The deeply political and religious influencial lyrics spread his popularity throughout the world. His music touched all categories, classes, and creeds with the most profound wisdom. Marley is the master who introduced reggae to European and American fans at a time dominated by rock and roll and rhythm and blues. The Father of Reggae, Bob Marley introduced a revolutionary sound that was highlighted by fast rhythms and intense lyrics. His influence in the musical world was enormous, but his symbol of peace and freedom for the poverty-stricken people in the third world shaped Bob Marley as a political and musical icon.

It was the late fifties and there were very few jobs available in Jamaica. So Bob and a few friends decided to move to Kingston to seek employment in the big city. Soon Marley found himself in a squatter village called trench town, were many impoverished Jamaicans found their refuge. In Trenchtown Bob was exposed to Rastafarianism faith, which helped

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