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Having a good time with my friends is most important. Spending money is all part of the process too. I like to eat out, go to clubs, go to movies, watch cable TV, and rent videos on slow nights. I spend my money on girls and when I'm with my friends and on my house.

When I go out with a girl I like to take them to a restaurant where we can enjoy a nice meal. I usually don't go to a too expensive place but I don't take them to a cheap restaurant either. I like to take girls to the Melting Pot, Olive Garden, and small pubs that aren't well known but have good food. I usually spend from twenty to thirty dollars on the first few dates and if I really like them I'll take her to a nice seafood restaurant and spend up to fifty or sixty dollars. If I take a girl there, they must be really special or I am especially rich at the moment and I don't mind spending the cash. I usually go out on a date to a restaurant about one to two times a month depending on how important the relationship is to me.

I also enjoy to going to the clubs. I have met some really cute girls at the clubs and if I'm lucky, sometimes they even come home with me. I usually go to CPA, wh

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