Butane Report

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There are several different names for butane which includes normal butane, butyl hydride, LPG (liquified petroleum gas), UN 1011, C4H10, MAT15370, and RTECS EJ4200000. Butane is in the chemical family of hydrocarbons and aliphatic.

Butane is a colorless and flammable gas with a very unpleasant odor, is found in natural gas, light crude oil, and gases formed when heavy oil is cracked or broken down chemically to produce gasoline. Butane, either of two saturated hydrocarbons, or alkanes, with the chemical formula C4H10 liquefies under pressure at ordinary temperatures. In both compounds the carbon atoms are joined in an open chain. In n-butane (normal), the chain is continuous and unbranched whereas in i-butane (iso) one of the carbon atoms forms a side branch. This difference in structure results in small but distinct differences in properties.

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