Child Observation

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Observing a child is a fascinating experience. It is amazing to see how differently children view certain things than adults view them. I recently observed a little girl, and I had her complete a few conservation tasks. For example, I placed two equally long sticks parallel to one another; I then pushed one stick a little farther than the other and asked her which stick was longer. For the purposes of confidentiality the name of the little girl has been changed to Christina. I observed Christina on December 1, 2001 at twelve in the afternoon, in her home with her mother present. Christina has two older sisters and has just started kindergarten this year. She was born July 09, 1996, and is now five years and five months old.

Christina has wonderful fine motor skills, which involve physical movements with her hands and fingers. I watched her turn pages in her Winnie the Pooh book with no hesitation or problem. After I read the Winnie the Pooh book to Christina we colored together. Christina held the crayons perfectly, with both her thumb and her finger. She is capable of drawing and can use circular strokes. Christina is in the stage of actively experimenting to learn about the properties of

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