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Christopher Columbus

             Thesis statement: Christopher Columbus made a great change in history because he found the
             "New World  which later became known as the Americas.
             I. Christopher Columbus made four important voyages to the Americas.
             1. Landed ships in Guananhani, an island in the Bahamas.
             2. Claimed land naming it San Salvador.
             3. Landed in Cuba and Espanola, which were mistakenly believed to be in Asian
             1. Landed on the island of Dominica, Guadeloupe, and Antigua.
             2. Closest he came to the U.S. was Puerto Rico which was supposedly the
             3. Looked over the island of Jamaica.
             1. Landed in Trinidad on July 31st.
             3. Arrived in Santo Domingo only to find chaos and revolt.
             a. Sent home in irons by a newly appointed governor.
             b. Appealed to the irons, and was pardoned, but was not allowed to return
             1. Prohibited from stopping in Espanola- was given ships in poor condition to set
             2. Cruised along the coast of Central America for six months.
             3. Landed in Panama- establishing a temporary settlement there, then sailed back
             to Espanola, but did not make it past Jamaica.
             a. The ships needed repair, but help wouldn't come for another year,
             4. Help came for him and his crew on June 28, 1504 and headed back for Spain.
             II. Columbus was enabled many privileges before almost being forgotten.
             A. Privileges for expansion of trade.
             1. Appointed Admiral of the Ocean Sea.
             2. Brought back many products unknown to Europe and was greatly appreciated
             e. Tales of dark-skinned people whom he called "natives .
             3. Awarded ten percent of any new wea

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