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The Chrysalids is a science fictional book of suspense, irony and pathos. The six main characters in the novel are David Strorm, Joseph Strorm, Gordon Strorm, Petra Strorm, Rosalind, and Sealand woman. They have different situations and different opinions in the story which adds more suspense and keeps the reader interested right to the least page.

In this novel the differences between people are not physical but mental as well. The novel's narrator is a left-handed, brown haired man called David, one of the chrysalids. When he was small, he sometimes dreamed of a city that was different from Waknuk. David has the power to communicate with his mind and it is called thought-shapes. However, he is unable to communicate with everyone by using thought-shapes. He can only communicate with people who have telepathic power. On the other hand, he lives in a world where people think of themselves as normal and the Norms try to destroy those who are abnormal. He makes friends with Sophie, the mutant, when he was ten. He keeps her as a secret but is still afraid that her secret will be revealed one day. Nevertheless, she still goes out to the Fringe because Alan Ervin discovers Sophie has six toes and goes telling David's father and the

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