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In life we make bad choices and good. We must live with the decisions we make, and our choices follow us for the rest of our lives. A string of choices I made two years ago affected not only the course of my life, but my entire perspective about good luck, bad luck, and personal decisions.

In the spring of 2001, I was working for a cemetery business where we were creating autobiographies to preserve the memories of the deceased. I worked with two brothers, Bret and Tyler Cassidy, who grew up in Saint Louis. Their father owned two major cemeteries in the Mid-west. One day, Tyler, age sixteen and the younger of the two brothers, found an old tape recording of his grandparents who had passed away. Tyler sprinted downstairs to share this recording with his parents and older brother Bret. The recording was played and an idea was spawned. Tyler had come up with this idea of preserving memories “ every person that had purchased property at one of the two cemeteries would get an autobiography of their life.

Bret and Tyler would go into the homes of their new plot owners and record their memories on videotape. Once recorded, they would take the raw footage and edit the material into a docu

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