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What is Science

             Science is the research and interpretation of occurrences in the universe. Science
             is often manipulated and/or observed. The term science can be thought of as an
             experimental procedure. A common example of this would be the successful "Scientific
             Method . An intuitive principle of science is the "cause and affect  principle. For every
             affect the was a certain cause, as well as for every cause there is an affect, impact, or
             Science is the research, interpretation, and analysis of occurrences in our universe.
             Science can be compared to time because science can neither be controlled nor stopped.
             Science is always changing. The process of science is falsifiable; meaning that science in
             general is always changing as well as open to be proven false. Science can be related by
             terms that our familiar to us, such as biology, chemistry, physics, etc. Many of these
             terms are based upon findings or theories. Theories can be supported by the findings of
             an experiment or can be proven false from the findings. Therefore science is falsifiable.
             Science can be thought of as a phenomenon, but better described as an occurrence
             in our universe. These occurrences cannot be controlled or changed. They can however
             be manipulated via experimental procedure; or they can be observed without subjectivity.
             Everything depends on science. There is a "science  to everything. This brings us to the
             familiar tem scientific method. Scientist came up with a stratigical way of observing and
             analyzing scientific data. Now the procedure of scientific method is widely used for
             collecting all sorts of data. All datum (data) that is collected in the universe is correlated
             One cannot escape the phenomenon of science. Science can be defined as the

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