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             A world without comedy would be similar to a butter knife, it's dull, useless, and achieves very
             little. The world would be littered with rude, arrogant, obnoxious people creating an anti-utopia. Comedy
             keep the world in motion, it allows people to shrug off rude comments, laugh at one another, and it
             creates a casual enviroment. There are many types of comedy, irony, satire, sarcasm etc. All are used in
             The Webster's dictionary defines comedy as "Drama dealing with the lighter side of life, ending
             happily, or treating the subject humorously." There are many different definitions for comedy, but all are
             closely related in saying that the outcome will be happy or comical. Comical stories are easy to read,
             they usually have a fantasy world setting, few main characters which makes the plot easy to follow and the
             stories can be related to real life.
             Comedy creates the illusion that things will get better, however, comedy gets better by making
             the situation worse. In the short story "The Greatest Man in the World" The main character, Pal Smurch,
             made a record for flying around the world. His achievement was great but his manners and attitude were
             uncivil. A rude egocentric man could not hold such a record. Society wouldn't permit it. To make things
             better, they pushed him out a window. Only in comedy could you kill someone to make things better and
             The comic view of life is essentially a long-term view. The ideas of destruction and death limit
             the tragic view. But comedy takes death and changes it. It may be the end of an individual life, but it fits
             into the larger scheme and the human race continues to live on. In the world of comedy nothing is bad,
             nothing is taken seriously and everyone wins in the end.
             Comedy is a literary form that deals with the adventures of a human society in

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