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Community Problems

            There are many aspects that can bring communities together and also tear them apart. Some factors effecting communities include language, racial communities, and war. Some factors can include good and bad properties that effect all people inside and outside the communities. Communities can create good reactions to other people around them and can also cause negative reactions.
             Language can act as a barrier in communities and can divide people against each other. When people speak different languages, it can often cause feelings of resentment toward the person who can not understand. Language can be used to ridicule or humiliate other people who do not understand the other language. “Sometimes these things are innocuous, depending on the particular word in which it is used. Often the serve to ridicule or humiliate.” (Leong pg.354) Sometimes when another person is speaking anther language, another person may believe that that person is saying something bad about him/her. Language can often define insiders from outsiders in a specific community. “Language has the ability to heal or harm, praise or belittle, to promote peace, or even glorify hate.” (Leong pg.354) If a person hears another person speaking another language, that that person may not understand, then he/she may feel like an outsider and may feel they do not belong. .
             Language can also be a factor that unifies communities. Language can often unify people that speak the same language in making them feel comfortable with their surroundings. Language creates a sense of belonging to those around the person who speaks the same language. Language often gives identity and makes someone feel they are their own person. Language can make a person feel accepted, and not feel like an outsider. .
             Racial communities more often than not divide certain communities from one another. Many times a racial community will exclude other communities from being welcome into their community.