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Crime Prevention

             Sure, the crime rate may be low in Ireland, but that can lead to one question: if the crime rate is so low, how much goes unreported? .
             Can we even say the crime rate is low in Ireland? I don’t think so. Look at all of the religious wars. How can one say that crime rate is low if there is so much bloodshed over religion, something that promotes tranquility? With all of the religious bloodshed that is going on in Ireland today, I think crime rate would be at an all time high.
             Sure, crime rate may be so low that police officers can walk around with a billy clubs and a whistle. Haven’t they heard of guns over there? They must have, considering the religious wars. If an officer carries a gun on him, the chances of crime being committed will be lower, because the visual perception of an armed person walking down the street would suppress most individuals from committing a crime, if not all individuals. What would you think if you saw a person who was supposed to be an enforcer of the law walking down the street armed with a billy club? Really? I would think: “Perfect chance to commit a crime.” .
             How is crime supposed to be prevented in present day Ireland when there are so many religious fights and the police officers aren’t properly equipped to enforce and prevent crime? In the United States, our law enforcement officers are properly equipped and trained to handle any situation, and they are able to prevent crime with almost 100% efficiency.