Criminals and Cops

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Police and Criminals within their Society

Police and criminals have been at constant war for the domination of society for over a hundred years. Since the creation of law-enforcement these two groups have had their share of victories and losses, yet neither have managed to gain a foothold over the other. Both organisations have expanded into large groups of informants, militia, and everyday employees. Large arsenals of weapons and unlimited financing are the working tools of these groups. Utilising this equipment and personal the criminal and police factions attempt to gain a foothold on their piece of society usually at times with out the care for the public safety in mind. The drug use, stray bullets and other actions of these groups directly or indirectly affect innocent families. With all the conflicts between the two groups there are those who play the roll of police and criminal with out concern for the consequences if they are discovered. Apparently on opposite sides of the law they are in fact operating without borders, crossing into the boundaries of each other's territory. While working within the two elements these individuals are the true menaces to society.

Before the creation of the Law of Hammurabi in

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