Date Rape

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Rape is defined as forcibly having sexual intercourse with someone, most likely a woman. "It is one of the most loathed, misunderstood, and frightening crimes.  (Siegel 326). A lot of people don't understand the logistics of rape. There are different kinds of rape and rapists. This paper will address 2 different types of rape and two different kinds of rapists. It will also discuss what to do if you or someone you know is raped, the statistics, and the punishment of a rape.

The first type of rape is called a non-traditional rape, which is committed by an acquaintance of the victim. The majority of rapes are acquaintance rape. This can best be described as date rape. In the case study, the girl (Ma Ra) described her rapist (Jack) as ˜the perfect package.' She said that he was funny, showered her with flowers, and his affection. Then his behavior changed so they broke up. Jack invited her out for dinner and was loud and obnoxious. He offered to drive her back to

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