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             Americans see it everyday in magazines, on television, and the Internet. It’s nudity, and it’s available to just about everyone. Nudity has been around since the beginning of time. Though it has been abundant in history, it has seemed to gain more attention in the past few years. Nudity has been used for many decades as a form of art and a means of personal expression. While it is still being used today as art, many people use nudity as an aid in sexual arousal and gratification. Because of the first amendment, freedom of expression, nudity laws have become too liberal. To remedy this, the judicial branch should make the laws regarding nudity more stringent. In hopes of preventing it from being misconstrued and reaching the minds of immature youths.
             Obtaining pornography for minors is as easy as logging on or going down to the local convenience store and taking a magazine right off the shelf. This type of access is unacceptable and should not have be allowed to continue. When minors are allowed to get away with accessing pornography. It’s believed that the access of pornography leads to underage sex. This is because as soon as minors see pornography and open their minds to the possibilities they see before them, they want to experience it for themselves. This may lead to underage pregnancy and many younger people becoming victims of sexually transmitted diseases. This must be prevented. Our youths should be more focused on enjoying their childhood than trying to imitate what they see in movies and magazines. Society is producing more sexually aware minors and pornography only helps in increasing that awareness.
             Although nudity considered controversial, many believe it to be a glorious thing. Many people love to use nudity as an outlet or artistic expression. This has some good points, such as expanding a person’s knowledge of art. However, this art shows minors that nudity is normal.