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Disadvantaged Groups

In Canadian Societies the group that are looked upon as disadvantaged, are suspected to increases in poverty. The groups are;

- Increasingly evident is that women's economic dependency within a patriarchal society has made poverty very likely

- Known as Feminization of poverty; means that, without the support of a man, a women is likely to be poor. (Stats on pg.206)

- At every stage of their lives, women are more prone to poverty than men, and more likely to be trapped, and eventually die, in a life of poverty

- Social and Biological reproduction (mostly women dominated)

- Productive Labour, earning an income (dominated by men)

Women Men

- Unpaid Domestic Labour *Highly paid, high-status

- Poorly Paid (low-status pink- white-collar, physical blue

Collar jobs in paid work force collar

*Private Realm *Public Realm

- greater suitability for -greater suitability for hard

soft, emotional, passive, & nurturant cold aggressive,

roles of wife, mother, and overall caregiver competitive marketplace

~ Traditional Pink Collar sectors clerical, teaching, nursing, social work, and domestic

~ Double Day- to do a full day's work outside of the home during the day, followed by

the equivalent amount of time doing domestic labour required to keep the household

~ Women were "pushed  i

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