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Diva of Istanbul

            The US has cultural pop singing sensations like Madonna and Britney. The Australians tour artists like Kylie and in the UK rolls out sizzling performers like Elton John and George Michael. In the Mediterranean, there is no larger force than that of the Sezen Aksu, or the little sparrow, as she is known. .
             Sezen Aksu is one of the most significant figures in the Mediterranean pop music of the 1980s, and undeniably the most significant figure in the 1990s. Apart from her musical eminence, the story of Sezen Aksu becomes more intricate as she gains status as a power figure. The power she achieved through her talent, wit, insight and very professional approach over the years is the source of the loyalty and admiration from fans, and criticism from intellectual circles. .
             The little sparrow, a nickname given her because of her minion built. Her basic style is very much on the side of sad, nostalgic, melancholic, and even tragic. Her songs are nothing but a bundle of intense feelings delivered with conviction. Her name, roughly translated into English, means Feeling (sensing) Whitewater. So, imagine yourself for a moment, being a canoe hobbyist paddling through the treacherous feeling whitewater! Since the message is old, though the words are contemporary, her songs appeal not only her contemporaries but also the older generation all around the Meditereneanean. .
             Music designed to preserve the human spirit was first developed in the Aegean region about two and a half thousand years ago. Sezen Aksu is descended from this long tradition.
             One of the most unique aspects of her voice and musical interpretation is her ability to convey conflicting emotions, one within the other. She has all the passion of ten thousand years of Anatolian history, a corner of the earth known for its powerful and exalted songs of love and suffering, a heritage now brought to its present-day people by the voice of lonian Sezen.