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Effects of Pornography

            Consequences of Men Viewing Pornography.
             Nowadays our society seems to have strong opposing views on pornography. People who are pro-porn feel that there is no harm in watching movies that contains explicit contents. Instead they feel that it is a remedy towards their sexual relationship with their partner. However, on the other hand, the people who are against porn feels that pornography are the core of all sexual problems towards women. I feel that pornography causes men to turn to pornography for sexual solutions, and as a result, it causes the breakdown of family life, and may also lead to sexual crimes such as rape. .
             Before we can go further into this topic, we must define what pornography really mean. Through many of the books that I have read about this subject, I find myself confused by some of the definitions. The best ones that I’ve come across are from encyclopedias such as Encarta 1998 and Microsoft Bookshelf. Encarta 1998 defines pornography as written graphic or oral depiction of erotic subjects intended to arouse sexual excitement in the audience. And the definition from Microsoft Bookshelf states that pornography is pictures, writing, or other material that is sexually explicit and sometimes equates sex with power and violence. Therefore, in this paper we will go by the definition in Microsoft Bookshelf Encyclopedia, which I feel is a good definition for pornographic movies. .
             The pornographic industry has many different ways of selling sexual explicit contents. For example, magazines such as Playboy and Penthouse, X-rated movies, and erotic books containing more details of sexual contents than it ever had before. The porn industry is popular amongst young women who feel they can make fast money. Although the pornography industry has a very high profitable rate, it also has its downfalls due to the awareness of sexually transmitted diseases nowadays. The pornography trade appears to be increasing but its markets are not secure (Faust 24).