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Rock Climbing

             “A boy clambers barefoot up a tree. He does it for the pure joy of climbing; why doesn’t matter. It is exciting. New. There is a bit of danger. The thrill of adventure in going somewhere he has never been. He might do the same on a building or an easy, rock cliff. And from this raw beginning springs a desire to venture onto steeper walls, smoother ones. He would go there but he can’t- not with out boots, rope, and perhaps pitons. The game becomes complex. But the point is still the same; adventure.” .
             A. This excerpt from a book entitled Basic Rockcraft by Royal Robbins describes how much Rock climbing has evolved over the years.
             II. Reveal-topic.
             A. I am going to give you a brief history of how rock climbing was started,.
             B. The evolution of climbing equipment and how it has changed,.
             C. and techniques for rock climbing.
             III. Credibility.
             A. Climbing has always been a passion of mine.
             B. I have been teaching rock climbing for about 5 years.
             C. and have been competitively climbing for 8 years.
             IV. Sign post: .
             A. So without further a due, a brief history of rock climbing.
             I. History.
             A. Climbing started in the mid seventeen hundreds in the European Alps.
             1. Mostly lived in mountain towns then spread like wild fire.
             B. First recorded alpine accent was called Mt. Aiguille.
             C. To give some modicum of safety, to the falling climber, ropes and rudimentary belaying techniques were developed during the turn of the twentieth century.
             D. Rappelling was invented in Circa, Austria in 1910.
             1. Invented the first carabiners and pitons.
             2. Shortly after developed aid climbing.
             E. Austrian and German climbers established climbs far more difficult then previously thought possible.
             F. Came to America in the late 1920’s during WWI from English and exploded shortly after WWII.
             II. Evolution of climbing equipment.
             A. Ropes were the first things to be invented.
             1. First rope was made out of hemp and remained unchanged for 50 years.