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Favorite Place

             After much thought, I have decided that my favorite place is, my home because it is where I spend a lot of time, and each room is designed just the way I like it. The house I live in is over one hundred years old and is listed in the Middleboro Historic Society, at the Robbins Museum, in Middleboro. It is also very intriguing to think about all of the families that might have lived here, throughout the years. I have decorated each room differently and I would like to describe to you the ones that I am most proud of.
             My kitchen, which is located in the rear of the house, is a very bright and comfortable room. I really like this room because of the country style and the old-fashioned, square dining table, in the center of the room. The walls are garnished with a pink and blue floral pattern, which coordinate nicely with the white floral linoleum floor. There is a homemade wood calendar on the wall that accentuates the country atmosphere. I entertain most of my company in this room, therefore, it is important to me that it is a pleasurable place. .
             Another area in my home that I particularly care for, is the family room. In this room there are several family pictures on each wall that I am very proud of. This room is even brighter than the kitchen because it has four windows, twice as many as the kitchen. The couch and the loveseat are a deep blue, which is the main color in this room. There is an old hardwood, coffee table in front of the couch that also enhances the country setting. A small, blue carpet sits in the middle of the room, over the wood floor, and offers a cushy section for the baby to play. This is the room that my family spends the most time together, and that is why I really like this room.