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Feasibility Report

             The purpose of this report is to determine whether it would be feasible for the Style Shop to add a computerized register to the store.
             The Merchandising Society is the largest club on F.I.T.’s campus. It provides the opportunity for its members to enhance their college experience at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Its members are dedicated to gaining exposure to the fashion industry first-hand through running a business, visiting companies worldwide, and volunteering services to the community.
             The club is responsible for operating a successful on-campus boutique, the Style Shop. The store offers the unique opportunity for FIT students, faculty and alumni to sell their original creations on a consignment basis. This not only allows students to earn recognition and profit, it enables Merchandising Society members to gain experience in buying, product development, marketing, finance, customer relations, management, visual merchandising, and website development. The Style Shop offers students the chance to develop a sharper awareness of group dynamics, build professional relationships, and actively participate in our college education.
             Currently the store uses a non-computerized register. There is no computerized inventory or bar codes used. Everything is done by hand. The addition of a computer would not only help keep track of all purchases by time, it would allow for the finance team to plan sales and monitor loss. The Style Shop uses a budget handed out by FITSA to fund purchases and stock for the store. This budget would be used to purchase a computer. It is highly feasible that the Style Shop purchases a computer and a register program.
             The purpose of this report is to determine the feasibility of adding a computerized register to the Style Shop team.
             During the 2001/02 school year the Merchandising Society has over 180 active members. The store currently has no regulated computerized system.