Difference between international and domestic issues

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There are two main ways to distinguish the difference between domestic and international rights:

One, international rights are more surrounding and involved in dealing with many rights more than the domestic law of most countries. In Australia, human rights treaties have been given domestic power, such as the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC)(1989).

And two international rights aren't as readily enforceable as domestic rights. The domestic legal rights have the authority of domestic laws supporting them. If rights given by domestic law are violated, the law will impose sanctions on the violators and/or pay damages to the victim. International rights are harder to implement.

The main types of human rights identified in international law relate to human rights, these include freedom of thought, protection against slavery and freedom of torture.

Child labour is where children are physically, economically and socially exploited and abused. Child labour is essentially an economic issue although it has many other aspects to it. It mostly exists in places where is there is more poverty and less education, mainly in third-world countries such as South-east Asia. Child labour involves the tough working conditions under

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