Freedom Fighters

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Since humans began their lives on this earth, there has almost always been the presence of hate. People have hated each other because of the way that they live their lives, the way they act, and in countless times, only because of the color of their skin. Here, we have seen the United States discriminate against almost every race; Chinese, Spanish, Russian, and Japanese. Native-Americans, and African-Americans are two groups of people that have probably endured the most discrimination. Native-Americans were pushed out of their land, forced to live in reservations and in many cases give up their unique culture. African-Americans were brought to the United States for white people to use as slaves; even after slavery was banned they were still given almost no rights.

While I am sure that almost all Native- Americans and African- Americans wanted to end the discrimination that was going on, not many people stepped forward to fight for their rights, and freedom. Rosa Parks, and Nat Turner were two African-Americans from two different periods of time, and both used different methods of fighting for what they believed in, but still worked to change how they were being treated. Crazy Horse was a Native-American tha

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