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Gender Issues

            Is it fair that men make more money than women do, even though they both have the same qualifications? Is it fair that women are less likely than men to get promoted? Is it fair that women start at lower positions in the work place than men do? Also if you’re a black woman it is even more difficult to move up the corporate ladder. Discrimination in the work place is hindering gender relations in today’s modern society. Women are getting fed up with always being treated unfairly by the employers. They feel that employers should base their decision on who can do the better job, not on who is male and who is female. .
             Hiring, promotion, and salaries are the three main factors that separate men from women in the work place. In hiring, men are much more likely to get a job than women are. Although in the last 10 to 15 years, women have gradually closed the gaps. In 1974, 14 to 25% of women earned bachelor degrees in computer and mathematical science. While in 1989, the women that earned the same degrees were 33 to 37% of the graduates. Now, because the percentage of bachelor degrees has increased during that period, you would think that the hiring increase would be the same. Well, the hiring of women has only increased about 5%. So, are employers really looking for who gets hired with what degree or is it irrelevant? I feel that for the most part, employers do look at the accomplishments of a future employee, regardless of gender. In the past, that might have been different, but today, an employer would hire a more highly skilled women worker, than an average male worker. .
             I think employers have a sort of obligation to hire the women. The companies sometimes feel that if they don’t hire enough women, a discrimination suit could arise and that would hurt not only the company financially, but their reputation as well. In almost every industry, women occupy a very small proportion of the higher-level positions.