Good Morning Vietnam

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The movie "Good Morning, Vietnam  Directed by Barry Levinson and written by Mitch Markowitz Had a solid view, that was portrayed in many ways, on the roles of the North Vietnamese, South Vietnamese, and American Soldiers. It also depicted a clear picture of the Vietnamese Civilians and Viet Cong. The film began with a clear-cut portrayal of American Soldiers within the confounds of an office, and the discrepancies amongst the high ranking and higher ranking Officers. Robin Williams is introduced into the Movie as a humorous man meant to be a radio DJ for the American Soldiers fighting ˜outside the Office'. The high-ranking officials in charge of the News broadcastings limited Adrian Cronauer (played by Robin Williams) to broadcast the most mild of new about the war to the soldiers; the very same soldiers who were fighting the war. In this was, the film maker practically hands over to the audience the fact that high ranking officials wanted to virtually blind-sight listeners into thinking that the war is only being fought in the hills ¦that it is, in fact, not real to them, but very distant. By doing this he shows how, by using propaganda, the news controlled out view [American view] and the soldier'

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