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Image Analysis

            In the health conscious world we live in it is nearly impossible to go a day without hearing how to live longer or how to look better. Some of the things we hear are to eat fruits and vegetables, sweets will ruin your skin and make you fat, and Dentists frequently tell their patients that they need to cut back on sugars to prevent tooth decay. The Candy industry is facing a “healthier” minded society, the advertisers have to overcome these obstacles to sell the products that are the complete opposite of the advice we are constantly hearing from our doctors and health experts. They need to not only sell candy, but an image, an image of health and sound body. In two recent advertisements for Baby Ruth and Starburst different audiences are targeted and opposite images are presented to the consumer.
             The advertisement for Starburst consists of one large picture of a young woman’s face. She is perhaps in her late teens or early twenties. The picture is in bright bold colors. Only the girl’s face and shoulders are showing in the photograph. Her big eyes and mouth are open wide, displaying her large straight white teeth and her mouth is full of yellow, orange, red and pink Starburst candies. Her eyebrows are raised and those wild brown eyes stare right at the reader. Her hair is pulled up into a messy up-do, which reveals large hoop earrings hanging from small ears. Her shoulders are covered in a bright hot pink top and she is in front of a turquoise sky with a few blurred trees in the background. Her attitude appears humorous or fun loving, her face glowing and clear it is smiling and happy. Yellow lettering is typed over her face that reads, “if one is good, a handful must be better. “ The yellow and red Starburst slogan is at the bottom of the ad and states “Sta!.
             rburst, isn’t life juicy?” .
             The ad for Baby Ruth isn’t as flashy and loud as one for Starburst.