Johann Sebastian Bach

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Johann Sebastian Bach was a great musician who searched his heart to find his

own understanding of this art that had played a large, significant role in his whole family.

Throughout his life he sought out for music cantatas and other musical sequences to fit

his personality, goals, dreams, and furthermore, music that fit his efforts to this art.

While conducting his lifelong search, he was able to meet and play for many other great

musicians of his time. He also had opportunities to play with some of these other fine

musicians. Johann Sebastian Bach became a virtuosic instrumentalist as well as a

masterful composer. One great characteristic of this man was that he never had to be

pushed to excel in his gifts. He always wanted and longed for perfection. This powerful

mental factor was born with him and allowed Johann Sebastian Bach to be the one Bach

that will be remembered until the end of time. If this one man had not followed his

heart, then the musical world would have lost much more than his creations. The world

would have lost those emotional ties that Bach brings to each individual through this art

Johann Sebastian Bach was born on Saturday Ma

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