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            In America, there are many problems that have to be dealt with. One of those problems is illiteracy. The number of people who cannot read or write is rising quickly. This is a huge problem in the United States that everyone should realize. America one of the highest illiteracy percentage compared to a lot of European countries. This is something that I, an American resident, am ashamed of. As other countries look to us for help and inspiration, we begin to look worse than them only because of some people of our population cannot read or write. It is embarrassing, and unfortunate to admit but it is true. And no reasonable attempts are being made by the government to improve the situation. The government is approaching the problem of illiteracy incorrectly, especially because the root of the problem is the children are not being taught the language.
             The first possible cause of the problem is the fact that some parents neglect their children. At a young age, the child needs to be pointed in the right direction by the parent. But in certain circumstances, the parents do not even bother to enroll their children in school. They do not believe in any form of education probably because they were brought up the same way. The parents consider that school is not for their children either because the teachers are bad, or they just think that their child can learn anything he or she needs to know at home and on the streets. A lot of parents do not care whether their child learns how to read or write, they only care if the child brings home money or just plainly stays out of the way. This is sad but true. When this boy or girl is about 12 years old and has no education and no desire for one, that is where illiteracy starts. The parents push their kids to get a job and bring home a paycheck to help the family. These are the kind of parents who cause part of the illiteracy problem in the U.S. .
             The second problem is the teachers of the children.