Transgenic Fish

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Imagine you're at the ocean with your family on vacation. You're carelessly swimming around having fun, when suddenly you spot a huge fish that you believe to be a shark. You frantically swim to shore only to find out that this gigantic fish is not a shark, but a strain of genetically engineered salmon. This fish creates a world of uncertainty for native fish survival. These mutant fish are on the verge of being released into natural aquatic settings, which will only bring heartache for admirers of native fish lovers, and uncertainty to the health of fish consumers.

Genetic engineering has emerged as one of the most powerful transforming technologies known to this generation. Scientists can almost transform any organism into a "more desirable  life form. Scientists can transfer beneficial traits of a particular gene from one organism to another. There has been a burst of genetic modification activity in aquaculture and development since the 1980's, especially in fish. One reason fish are so popular is that they produce eggs in large quantities and those eggs develop outside the fis

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