Joseph And Character Traits

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Having character is important in anyone's life. Joseph was a man who exemplified character by going through many trials and tribulations. We can all learn from his life to better our own.

One was Joseph displayed good character was respect, when Potiphar's wife tried to get him to lie with her he refused (Genesis 39:8-12). By refusing the offer Joseph showed how much respect he had for Potiphar, himself, and God. He also respects Potiphar's decision to put him in a prison and did not try to prove Potiphar's wife wrong (Genesis 39:20-23). One can learn from this by knowing to respect those who are in command of you or whom you are to obey, such as parents, teachers, and elders.

Another trait Joseph portrayed was responsibility. He had responsibility by being the head slave in the prison (Genesis 39:23). He also had responsibility when he became second in command of Egypt (Genesis 41:40). Responsibility is something everyone ne

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