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Letter From Slave Girl

            The book Letter from a Slave Girl is about a girl named Harriet Ann Jacobs who was a slave that taught herself how to read and write. She kept a diary about her life. She has a brother named John, but when they grew up Harriet didn't see much of him. Harriet had a gran who she hung out with most of her life. Her Gran was always trying to free Harriet from Dr.Norcom but never had enough money. Harriet had two children who she did not want to be slaves for Dr. Norcom or slaves at all so she ran way. Dr. Norcom offered three-hundred dolars to whoever could find her. Nobody ever found her. She hid in a wall were her gran lived. Her brother John took the kids to the north with him where they wouldnt be slaves. Dr. Norcom didn't want her to get away with it so he kept on searching until the day he died. That's when Harriet could runaway to the North where she could be free forever. Her gran stayed south and cried everynight to Harriet before she left because her whole family !.
             was gone and Gran would be alone. Harriet still went because she wanted to see her children so badly. She never got to see them before because she was afraid of being seen and caught. After Dr Norcom died she did not need to worry about being a slave. She was a free woman. She could now live with her kids. She got a job as a maid for a nice family. Dr. Norcom's wife tried to buy her from them but they said no. Harriet had survived a lifetime of suffering. She started writting books about slavery. .
             On Sunday March 1897 Harriet died at the age of eighty-three. Harriet Ann Jacobs was a women of strong character.