Cast in Bronze

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The Littlefield Memorial Fountain and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Sculpture serves to honor the memory of important historical figures. These works of art use various elements to evoke the viewer's emotions and feelings towards the person or people it is commemorating.

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Sculpture consists of a sculpture in the round of Martin King standing on a four-sided pedestal with low relief work. The figure itself has a style that resembles ancient Greek art; however, there are certain distinctions. One major difference is the method the artworks were produced. The Martin Luther King, Jr. Sculpture is a bronze cast while Roman statues were sculpted from stone. Another difference is that the King statue has less of an idealistic approach and more of a realistic approach. The figure of Dr. King is standing in a straight posture with legs slightly spread apart. The rigid stance of this sculpture is a similar characteristic of ancient Greek sculptures. His outfit consists of a preacher's drapery which conveys his occupation as a Christian minister. Similar to the Greek art, the drapery has many ripples and waves which creates a sense of movement and realism in the artwork. In addition, one of his ar

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