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In America, most weddings are traditionally a one day event in which two people with a relationship based on love commit to one another in the presence of family members and friends. One would think that whenever a being commits to another being, the reason for that commitment would be love. After interviewing Zohra Ahmed, I've come to the understanding that in Pakistan or, in a broader sense, most Islamic weddings or marriages, love is furthest from the reason to commit.

In Pakistan, where Zohra was born and raised, marriages are mostly arranged by parents or immediate family members, and although people outside of the family and distant cousins are as eligible, first cousins are preferred for marriage partners. Usually the parents of the groom select a bride to be. An important factor in determining a bride is the status of the family of the bride-to-be. Those with higher status tend to be more eligible than a family with lower status or bad reputation.

Once the family has selected a potential bride-to-be, a picture of the woman is taken to the groom. If the groom approves, the parents of the groom meet with the parents of the bride and propose their sons hand in marriage. Then it's the brides turn to view a pictur

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