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We picked Mexico because Mexicans have a very unique culture. They live very rough lives because they are seen as an enemy to the economy because of their economic and social hardships. But still, they find a way through life just like they have for many years.

Mexico's climate is very hot. Temperature and rainfall vary within elevation and region in which you are located. The North is dry and hot, but it is most humid in the Southern region around the tropical jungle. The plateau, where Mexico City is located, is in the middle of two mountain ranges, the Sierra Madre Oriental and the Sierra Madre Occidental. Rainfall is mostly in the summer June-October. Mountains including many that have already erupted, cover two thirds of the country. The Popocatepete volcano, near Mexico City, has shown signs of renewed activity since 1994.

The population of Mexico is about 98.5 million people and is growing at 1.8 percent annually. About 60 percent of Mexico's population are Mestizo, which is a mix of Spanish and Indian. Another 30 percent belong to various Amerindian groups, which are decedents of the Maya and Aztec Indians and another 9 percent is of European ancestry. Mexico City, the cap

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