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My Theory Of Language Development

            Language development deals with how a child develops his/her language skills during their growth period. Language development has been an issue debated among language experts over a long period of time. Experts have opposing views on how a child acquires/learns language. There are four main theories of language development and they all have different thoughts on the acquisition of language. Behaviorists (Skinner) believe that language is learned. Nativists (Chomsky) believe that language is innate and unique to humans. Cognitive theorists (Piaget) believe language is not innate but a product of cognitive development. Finally, social interactionists (Vygotsky) believe that language acquisition is a result of both biological and environmental factors. All of these theories have their own way of interpreting language development, and to some extent, they all seem to be highly convincing. However, out of the four theories, the social interactionist view appeals to me the most; so my theory of language development is definitely the social interactionist view. .
             I believe that both biological and environmental factors are necessary in order for a child to learn language correctly. Moreover, I think the child’s interaction with their parents or caregivers is very important in the child’s process of learning. First of all, a child needs to be born with a mental capacity to learn language. If the child has mental disabilities to acquire language, then I think that it’s useless to have a good learning environment because the child itself is incapable of learning. Therefore, there has to be a balance in between the biological and environmental factors. For example, let’s say that a child’s born with a very high IQ. The child has to be raised up in an environment that can provide the child with enough education in order for him/her to grow and expand his/her knowledge.

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