Natural Disaster

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I remember this night better than I remember last night.

My sister was only ten, and I only seven. At the time my

mother worked third shift, she was driving us to our

baby-sitters house. It was dark out, I don't remember

exactly what time it was but it was late. I had on my

favorite pink nightgown, it was wet from running to the car

in the downpour. I was on the right side of the backseat

looking out at the rain, it was raining very hard that night.

No one was talking, we were all very tired. There was no

radio playing--my mother hated music. looking out the

window I remember watching the rain hit that long piece of

metal that lines roads with cliffs on the sides. Watching

that strip of metal being hit so hard with rain, it was very

amusing to me for some reason, but then the metal stopped-

the cliff was still there but the metal stopped. I listened to

the rain being drastically moved by th

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